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Prof. Rebeccah Heinrichs discusses America’s role amid the pandemic at the Hudson Institute

On March 26th, IWP’s Professor Rebeccah Heinrichs, a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, facilitated a discussion with Former Under Secretary of Defense Michèle Flournoy on America’s role in the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

At this event, Professor Heinrichs and Under Secretary Flournoy discussed the global spread of the coronavirus amid the backdrop of broader American foreign policy issues in which the pandemic is having a profound impact. Foreign policy flashpoints discussed include escalating tensions with Iran, developments in Afghanistan, and U.S. effectiveness in deterring the rise of Russia and China. Under Secretary Flournoy voiced that the pandemic could potentially change the reality and perceptions of U.S. leadership globally in dealing with these prominent foreign policy issues.

At IWP, Professor Heinrichs teaches a course on Nuclear Deterrence and Arms Control.

Watch the video