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Four Kings Point Midshipmen receive the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Class of 2020 IWP Award For Excellence in Cyber Statecraft

The Institute of World Politics is pleased to present the United States Merchant Marine Academy Class of 2020 IWP Award For Excellence in Cyber Statecraft to four outstanding Midshipmen who are graduating from Kings Point this year: Severin Blenkush, Tanner Carter, Alyssa Marie DeGuzman, and Mark Kittelson.

These Midshipmen were selected for their outstanding contributions and understanding of Cyber intelligence and security while studying at the Academy.  Although IWP representatives were not able to attend the Kings Point commencement activities this year, the award recipients were recognized in a private ceremony and each will receive a certificate and cash award.

IWP Senior Vice President for Cyber Intelligence Dean Lane commented: “As a member of a collective of highly intelligent Midshipmen, your team emerged above all others. The cyber perimeter is becoming increasingly difficult to enforce because there is no perfect defense.  I am hopeful for the future where people like you will be part of the country’s ability to provide superior security services.”

One of the awardees, Tanner Carter, was an intern at IWP in the summer of 2018, where he attended lectures, had a briefing on civil maritime intelligence and security, and visited several landmarks in the D.C. area.

This is the second year that IWP has given this award: Jacob Davis was the first recipient in 2019.

This award is part of an ongoing partnership between IWP’s Cyber Intelligence Initiative and Kings Point, which encompasses the US Merchant Marine Academy IWP Award For Excellence in Cyber Statecraft, as well as an internship program specifically designed for Kings Point Midshipmen. This partnership is organized by IWP Senior Vice President Chris Glass, a Kings Point Maryland Field Representative, along with Dean Lane, who runs IWP’s Cyber Intelligence Initiative.

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