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Dr. John Lenczowski discusses “Why Should We Worry About Red China?”

In the first episode of the series Red China Threats to the World, which premiered October 15, 2020, The Institute of World Politics’, founder and president, Dr. John Lenczowski, discussed the serious threat that China presents to the United States. He stated that, while China is a threat to the U.S. due to its economic strength that parallels, if not exceeds, that of the United States, he added that China views the U.S. as an enemy despite the fact that the U.S. has helped China become the superpower it is today.

He noted that the U.S. has given China access to its National Laboratories over 5,000 times a year, with each visit constituting anywhere from two weeks to two years. Despite the United States inviting China to utilize its resources, China has conducted “Cold War activities” against the U.S. for anywhere between two to three decades.

A “massive amount of espionage” has also been perpetrated against the U.S. by China, he stated. Dr. Lenczowski added that he estimates there are over 25,000 Chinese intelligence collectors in Silicon Valley alone. Moreover, China has begun to have massive influence upon various aspects of American life such as media, universities, and entertainment.

Dr. Lenczowski concluded that the United States is finally “waking up to these realities.”

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