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IWP announces September 2021 Strategic Fellows Program

ChessThis September, The Institute of World Politics will hold its Strategic Fellows Program — an intensive two-week program focused on providing a guided introduction to the development of national security, policy and leadership techniques at the strategic tactical and operational level.  Class participants may include:

  • U.S. and Allied company, field grade, and warrant officers
  • U.S. and Allied senior non-commissioned officers
  • U.S. Government Agencies and Departmental representatives
  • NATO and Allied diplomatic and government representatives

Led by expert scholar-practitioners from the Institute, participants will explore key strategic issues through a combination of graduate-level lectures and experiential activities in the national capital region. The course emphasizes critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, and enhanced appreciation for United States geostrategic priorities.

Participants will learn inter-agency functions so that critical decision making can be more collaborative. When you master the different arts of statecraft, you will be better at discerning, forecasting, preventing, mitigating, managing, and, if necessary, prevailing in international conflicts.  Class lectures and presentations include:

  • Introduction to U.S. National Security Strategy
  • Tools of Statecraft
  • Leadership Principles
  • Leadership Techniques
  • Principles of Strategy
  • Understanding the Strategic Environment
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Global Policy Challenges

Applications for the September 2021 class are now being accepted. Class size is limited to 30 students.  For more information, pricing, multiple student discounts and registration please contact:

Christopher D. Glass
Sr. Vice President