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The Institute of World Politics (IWP) launches search for new President

A wooden mace with a golden IWP seal on top of a blue cloth. IWP has launched a search process for a new President to build on the Institute’s success in educating the next generation of leaders in national security, intelligence, and international affairs. IWP Board Chairman John Lovewell and longtime trustee Ambassador Aldona Woś are co-chairing the Search Committee, which is actively seeking qualified candidates dedicated to the mission of the Institute.

IWP Founder and current President John Lenczowski will remain with the organization and move to the position of Chancellor. In this role, Dr. Lenczowski will continue to teach and remain actively involved in the academic work of the school while also representing the Institute in public forums and maintaining relations with supporters and donors.  Dr. Lenczowski will continue to serve on the Board of Trustees.

Additional information about this exciting opportunity and how to apply may be found below.

Job Specification – President, The Institute of World Politics

About The Institute of World Politics

The Institute of World Politics (IWP) is a premier graduate school for national security, international affairs, and statecraft. The school’s mission is to develop leaders for the diplomatic, military, security, intelligence, and international affairs communities, through professional education in the ethical conduct and strategic integration of all the instruments of national power.  The curriculum emphasizes both the traditional instruments as well as neglected arts such as: counterintelligence, counterpropaganda, economic statecraft, information operations, political warfare, and public diplomacy.  The strategic integration of all these instruments can increase the probability of “winning without war.”

The curriculum is based on a foundational course of study in American founding principles and Western, Judeo-Christian moral philosophy and applied ethics.  This, combined with IWP’s faculty of scholar-practitioners who serve as role models, provides the basis for the school’s ethos of public service, prudential strategic reasoning, and moral leadership.

IWP was founded in 1990 by Dr. John Lenczowski, the former Director of European and Soviet Affairs at the United States National Security Council during the Reagan administration.  The school is located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C.  It currently offers five master’s degrees in various aspects of national security and international affairs, the nation’s first professional doctorate degree in national security, and 17 graduate certificate programs.

IWP is a non-profit, independent, tax-exempt educational institution that relies solely on private charitable donations and tuition. It currently serves approximately 140 students and 1300 alumni.  Many alumni are now serving in some of the country’s most sensitive and critical national security leadership roles.  The students have come from across the U.S. and from 60 countries around the world.  The student body has been comprised of both recent college graduates as well as mid-career professionals from most departments of the U.S. Government, including most agencies within the U.S. intelligence community, every branch of the U.S. armed forces, defense and intelligence contractors, Congressional staffs, and other relevant non-governmental organizations.

The Opportunity

The Institute is actively recruiting a new President who will understand, embrace, and live the vital mission of the school.  The President will accept the challenge to lead an exceptional institution, expand its fund-raising capabilities, increase its endowment, grow student enrollment, enhance the curriculum, explore entrepreneurial opportunities, and ensure the Institute continues its mission in service to our nation.

The President will be building on the vision and success of its Founder and Chancellor, Dr. John Lenczowski. The successful candidate will be a leader and visionary who understands the crucial role of the Institute in today’s world.  The President will be a primary public representative of the school and an exceptional speaker and motivator, who is responsible for promoting the Institute’s mission and seeking its continued growth. The President will cooperate with Dr. Lenczowski, in his role as Chancellor, by taking a leading role in articulating and defending the mission of the Institute, protecting its ethos and other distinctive qualities, building upon its existing traditions, and promoting it in all relevant communities. The President will report to, and serve as a member of, the Board of Trustees. The President is the Chief Executive Officer and will oversee the Academic Dean, the Executive Vice President, the faculty, and staff.  The President will serve as an appointed member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, and as a member of the Academic Council, which is chaired by the Academic Dean.

The immediate challenges facing the new President will be to expand fundraising, grow the endowment, and to build enrollment – all to support current operations and establish a secure financial foundation for the long term.


The new President will be the officer principally in charge of expanding the Institute’s fundraising capability and growing the endowment.  The President will be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with current supporters and seeking and cultivating new relationships with potential donors, foundations, and corporations. The President will work closely with the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, as well as Dr. Lenczowski, on these tasks.  The Institute will also require the President to lead a campaign to secure endowment funds sufficient for the long-term sustenance of the school.


The Institute’s Strategic Plan calls for increasing the student body. Building enrollment will provide financial support and allow the school to achieve its strategic curriculum goals. The school is already working energetically to implement a range of student recruitment initiatives, including partnerships with undergraduate schools and other institutions, social media marketing, and a robust distance learning program.

The President will represent and promote the Institute in a wide variety of public forums for the purpose of fund-raising, student recruitment, job placement for both students and graduates, entrepreneurial opportunity development, promoting the IWP brand, and extending the influence of the Institute.

This position provides a unique career opportunity as well as the chance to serve a noble cause.  At a time when the nation faces a range of pressing threats, both foreign and domestic, the need for patriotic, principled, selfless, prudent, and well-educated national security leadership has never been greater. The Institute’s comprehensive and unique curriculum has made it a critical resource for preparing our nation’s national security professionals.  No other U.S. institution offers all of the curriculum components described above, or better prepares its future leaders to defend America’s liberty, security, peace, and prosperity.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive development plan to support capital and operating expenses for the Institute.
  • Develop and cultivate relationships with current and potential supporters of the Institute, including maintaining regular correspondence, travel and personal visits, inspiring potential supporters through public speaking, making media appearances, developing proposals, and making personal appeals.
  • Represent the IWP publicly and articulate the Institute’s mission, vision, and ethos persuasively; in addition to public speaking, this can include participation in academic or policy conferences, delivering Congressional testimony, and writing op-ed pieces or other articles in relevant periodicals.
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of a strong administrative staff to manage educational operations of the school, student services, facilities, technology, financial management, fundraising, student recruitment, regulatory compliance, and accreditation.
  • Work with the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, Executive Vice President, and the Academic Dean to support the Institute’s Institutional Effectiveness and Educational Effectiveness Assessment plans.
  • Serve on the Academic Council and work with the Chancellor and Academic Dean to identify and implement new curriculum ideas and hire faculty.
  • Work with the Academic Dean, Chancellor, Board of Trustees, Board of Advisors, faculty, and staff to identify and engage guest lecturers and speakers for public events.
  • In consultation with the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, develop the annual operating budget and longer-term financial plans to support the Institute’s operations. Ensure proper financial controls are in place and implemented.
  • Maintain the organization’s commitment to the Charter and Founding Propositions of The Institute of World Politics. The President will commit to the entire Charter, which includes all four elements of IWP’s mission: i.e., to develop leaders with:
  • A sound understanding of international realities (history, foreign cultures, foreign statecraft, etc.);
  • Knowledge of the ethical conduct of the arts of statecraft (diplomatic, military, economic, strategic influence, intelligence, etc.);
  • Knowledge and appreciation of the founding principles of the American political economy and the reasons for America’s political-economic success;
  • Knowledge and appreciation of the Western, Judeo-Christian moral tradition.

Professional Qualifications and Personal Attributes

Professional Qualifications

  • A doctorate, equivalent terminal degree, or major experience as a practitioner of an art of statecraft with a senior rank. Given that so many of IWP’s faculty are “scholar-practitioners,” the combination of both advanced educational credentials and professional experience in statecraft represents the ideal background.
  • Demonstrated ability in securing major grants and gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other private funding sources.
  • Demonstrated ability in planning and implementing long- and short-range development initiatives in conjunction with strategic planning processes.
  • Demonstrated record of executive leadership characterized by leading by example.
  • Ability to discuss and demonstrate an understanding of relevant contemporary policy issues in politics, history, national security, and international affairs.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the foreign and national security policy process.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to innovate.
  • An established network of contacts with U.S. Government agencies and government contractors to support recruitment of new students and placement of IWP students and graduates.
  • An established network of contacts in the academic world to support the recruitment of new students.
  • An established network of senior officials, prominent public intellectuals, and/or subject matter experts who can serve as potential faculty members, guest lecturers, and/or speakers for Commencement and other major public events.
  • An understanding of the policy community, including the character of various think tanks, advocacy groups, journals of opinion, Congress, and various agencies of the Executive Branch.

An understanding of the academic domain, including the culture of academic institutions, the expectations of faculty members, the needs of students, and academic trends that affect the ability of many colleges and universities to provide the education needed for future leaders in American public life.

Personal Attributes  

  • Strong moral principles and personal virtues.
  • Strong belief and focus on the noble cause of the Institute’s mission.
  • Patriotic spirit and knowledge of America’s history and Constitutional order.
  • Knowledge of the world, modern history, and international relations.
  • Strategic thinker with ability to implement a growth strategy.

Qualified applicants should submit their resume along with a cover letter, 3 professional references, and leadership philosophy statement to Michelle Ray at

IWP IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and is opposed to discrimination on any grounds. It is our policy to consider qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, medical condition, disability, marital status or protected veteran status.