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Dr. Matt Daniels spreads human rights message to Spanish-speaking world

Through his nonprofit Good of All, IWP professor Dr. Matthew Daniels promotes human rights digitally and empowers digital natives to become online ambassadors for human rights principles. His YouTube channel, the Human Rights Network, has been posting videos promoting human rights primarily in English and Arabic. This fall, this channel added its first Spanish-language playlist.

“We’re pursuing this strategy because we know that our universal rights brand and message has cross-cultural appeal,” said Dr. Daniels.

Dr. Daniels and Marissa Taylor co-authored an article on Good of All’s Spanish-language outreach efforts, which was published by Bot Populi, an Indian-based publication that covers the intersection of technology and human rights in the Global South.

Dr. Daniels is the head of IWP’s Center for Human Rights and International Affairs, which is a partnership between Good of All and IWP. He also teaches a course on Human Rights and Counter-Radicalization.