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Prof. Rebeccah Heinrichs discusses Secretary Blinken’s trip to Japan and the future of American dominance in Asia

This March, IWP Professor and Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs sat down with Charles Payne of Fox News to discuss Secretary of State John Blinken’s upcoming trip to Japan ahead of his meeting with China. Charles Payne and Prof. Heinrichs discussed the importance of emitting strength in Secretary Blinken’s upcoming meeting with China, the fate of American dominance in Asia, and Taiwan.

Charles Payne began by discussing how the United States has momentum, especially economic momentum with China and that the Biden administration needs to “flex some muscle.” Professor Heinrichs agreed with Mr. Payne, saying that there is a lot of momentum that began in the Trump administration, but she gives the Biden administration its credit. Ms. Heinrichs discussed how the Biden administration, although critical of the Trump administration, has carried out many of the policies started under the Trump administration and is receiving the same security briefs. The Biden administration has also shown its dominance by sailing three warships through the Taiwan Strait. Prof. Heinrichs discussed our commitment to the defense of Taiwan and the need for Secretary Blinken to be strong in his meeting with the Chinese.

Charles Payne discussed how China is pushing the Biden administration and asked Professor Heinrichs when the U.S. could go on offense and not defense. Ms. Heinrichs believes this rests with Taiwan. Prof. Heinrichs stated, “So goes Taiwan, so goes American dominance.” She also discussed how the Commander of Indo-Pacific Command is fearful that China will seize Taiwan in the next five to six years. If this happens, Professor Heinrichs warned that the United States “will be under the thumb of the Chinese.”

According to Ms. Heinrichs, the United States has to move quickly to deter China with regard to Taiwan. Mr. Payne then asked about Hong Kong, and Professor Rebeccah Heinrichs said that Hong Kong is foreshadowing what will happen with Taiwan and the rest of Asia. If this happens, the U.S. will not be able to fulfill its promises to its Asian partners, which will be a “blow to the free world and democracies worldwide.”

At IWP, Prof. Heinrichs teaches a course on Nuclear Deterrence and Arms Control.

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