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Kelley DeConciliis discusses exfiltration efforts in Afghanistan

Kelley DeConciliis, a member of IWP’s Board of Advisors, has recently made appearances on CNN, Fox News, and Fox Radio to discuss her exfiltration efforts in Afghanistan. In addition to her role on the IWP Board of Advisors, Mrs. DeConsiliis is the current Chief Operations Officer of Special Aerospace Security Services, Inc. and is an expert on security and exfiltration.


Ms. DeConciliis appeared on CNN with Leslie Schweitzer, President and Chair of Friends of the American University of Afghanistan. She explained the movements of the Taliban to block access to the Kabul Airport, which was preventing access to planes for evacuation. She expressed the need for American forces to secure access to a gate to allow entry to the airport. She also relayed the brutal reports about the Taliban’s treatment of women.

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Fox News

On August 31, Ms. DeConciliis appeared on Fox News with former Assistant Secretary of State Robert Hormats. She spelled out the collapse of the underground network designed to move Americans and Afghans out of Afghanistan. Furthermore, she offered criticism of the current administration for its ineffectiveness in coordinating airlifts and getting Americans and Afghans through the gates to the Kabul airport. She called on people to volunteer to assist efforts in the evacuation.

Fox Radio

On September 18, Ms. DeConciliis appeared on the Fox Radio show “We’re Momming Today” with Lauren Simonetti. She discussed her ongoing efforts to help 600 female students of the American University of Afghanistan escape from the Taliban. She further detailed the situations for Afghans trying to escape from Afghanistan, who face beatings, targeted attacks by the Taliban, unsanitary conditions, and destruction of documents vital to their escape. She also discussed the elements that led her to her career in exfiltration and her background in neuropsychology.