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IWP faculty reflect on why they choose IWP

IWP faculty recently shared about their experiences at IWP. They describe why they continue to take time to invest in the next generation of national security professionals.

“I have taught at other universities, but at IWP there is a greater sense of commitment, of values, and of family. IWP has a solid reputation within the IC, and teaching here for the past 5+ years has been a real privilege. It’s the faculty, the leadership, and the students. It really is the highlight of my week when I teach classes at IWP.”
Prof. John Sano, Former Deputy Director, National Clandestine Service, CIA

“My favorite part of teaching at IWP is the students. During the pandemic, one student who was retiring from the US Air Force as a satellite and information specialist used the intuitive skills he learned in my Cultural Intelligence program to get hired in a strong competition of applicants to head a new satellite-based intelligence program for the USG.  The winning attributes he demonstrated were 1) teamwork in a full spectrum of technical experts; 2) using his intuition based on the history, culture, psychology, and current events in countries or situations where aerial reconnaissance — but also understanding the pictures — is vital. I accepted Dr. Lenczowski and Dr. Jack Tierney’s suggestions to teach at IWP because of the unique environment of scholar-practitioners on faculty and the quality of students who are attracted to the curriculum at IWP.”
Prof. Al Santoli, Founder and President, Asia America Initiative; New York Times Best Selling and Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author

“I liked the idea of the professor practitioner.  More than that, however, I like and fully support IWP’s mission and philosophy. Interacting with the students in class is what I enjoy the most.”
Prof. Paul Schilling, Adjunct Professor, Intelligence and Law; Served with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of General Counsel

“I decided to teach at IWP for three basic reasons: the explicit mission and values of the Institute; long professional association and personal friendship with other faculty members; and committed and open-minded attitude of IWP students regarding government service in national security.  Teaching at IWP is very rewarding personally, because of the opportunity to help the rising generation of national security professionals in starting or advancing their careers. There are very few graduate schools at which former and serving Intelligence Community professionals can teach and where their expertise is respected by students. My favorite part of teaching is presenting information in the classroom, interacting with the students, and participating in growing the Institute and its mission.”
Dr. David Thomas, Former Analyst, Foreign Intelligence Directorate, DIA; Former Analyst, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

“Because I came to the formal study of philosophy only after 30 years in and around government, I know why it’s important to understand moral and political philosophy in positions of responsibility like those our students seek. And I’ve seen the consequences of a lack of that understanding on the part of government officials and decision makers. Teaching at IWP is the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I teach material that I love, and our students often teach me.”
Dr. Joseph Wood, Former Deputy National Security Advisor

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