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Supporters establish two new Great Statesman Scholarships at IWP

Two new Great Statesman Scholarships have been established at IWP: Susanna and Philip Rice have established the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship, and Patty Sue Mozart has established the President Ronald Reagan Scholarship.

The Great Statesman Scholarship program allows donors to name a scholarship for the statesman of their choice in consultation with IWP leadership, all while giving outstanding students the ability to complete their studies at the Institute. Each scholarship consists of $10,000 per year for five years.

The President Ronald Reagan Scholarship and Patty Sue Mozart

“When asked why I chose Ronald Reagan to represent my scholarship for a deserving IWP student, I had many thoughts of course,” said Ms. Mozart. “That’s a question with a mile-long answer!! Ronald Reagan was and is to this day a huge influence and an iconic American. His level-headedness, common sense, and quick wit with great humor contributed to his being highly respected and his success as one of our most loved Presidents.”

One of Ms. Mozart’s favorite quotations from Ronald Reagan is: “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit.” He kept this saying on a plaque in the Oval Office. “This would be a nice quote for the upcoming recipient of the Ronald Reagan Scholarship to remember,” said Ms. Mozart.

The first recipient of this scholarship has yet to be announced.

Patty Sue Mozart
Patty Sue Mozart at a trip to the Reagan Ranch with the IWP Chancellor’s Council. Ms. Mozart established the President Ronald Reagan Scholarship at IWP.

The Margaret Thatcher Scholarship and Philip and Susanna Rice

Philip and Susanna Rice became supporters of IWP after their son attended the Institute while serving in the U.S. Navy. They commented: “His experience surpassed even his own expectations, and ours as well. The strength of the practitioner faculty, the talented and diverse students, and the Institute’s curriculum combine to create an exceptional graduate school with a profound and effective mission.”

On naming their Great Statesman Scholarship, Mr. and Mrs. Rice said: “As an exemplar of moral courage and defender of human freedom, Margaret Thatcher was our choice for Great Statesman to encourage and honor the women graduates of IWP.”

Veronika Prochko is the first recipient of the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship.

Susanna Rice, Veronika Prochko, Philip Rice
IWP supporters Susanna and Philip Rice with Veronika Prochko, the recipient of the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship that they established at IWP.

A Texas native and alumna from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where she graduated with honors with a Master of Arts in Russian and International Relations, Veronika is a candidate in the M.A. in Statecraft and National Affairs program, intending to specialize in intelligence.  After spending some time volunteering in Zambia and Russia, Veronika returned to the States in 2019 to pursue a career in intelligence. Having interned at the United Nations Operations and Crisis Center and the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Veronika discovered IWP when looking for a program that would broaden her understanding of civil service in the IC and foreign relations that goes beyond just providing her with the skills to be successful in her career but with the knowledge and strength of character to be a good person in her work and in her life.

Veronika focused on the legal approach to espionage and self-defense in cyberspace as well as the use of religious-political identity in Russia in her undergraduate dissertations and is hoping to expand her knowledge in her M.A. at IWP. While Veronika currently works at a democracy development NGO in D.C., she intends to start work with the Department of Defense following graduation.

She commented: “It is an honor to receive the Margaret Thatcher Statesmen scholarship, named in honor of a truly remarkable stateswoman, and I am exceptionally grateful to Philip and Susanna Rice for their generosity and kindness. This award has made it possible for me to attend IWP and cultivate and expand my understanding of service and integrity in the intelligence community.”

If you are interested in creating an IWP Great Statesman Scholarship, please contact John Bergholz at, or call John at (202) 462-2101.

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