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Dr. Matt Daniels discusses his MLK high school curriculum

On January 31, 2022 for Federal News Radio, IWP career director Derrick Dortch interviewed the co-authors of a new United States high school curriculum that has a foundation in the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Matt Daniels, a professor at IWP, and his co-authors, Anthony Jones and Vern Howard, specifically incorporated Dr. King’s principles of human rights and nonviolence into this curriculum.

The curriculum, entitled Civil Rights: A Global Perspective and published by McGraw Hill Education, is designed to unite the younger generation and instill in them empathy, understanding, and cooperation so that they are prepared to tackle bigger issues in the nation. According to Dr. Daniels, the flexible curriculum and the fact that it is a digital program allows for more student access, and educators have said they favor the program. Having the curriculum in a digital format also increases student interest.

The curriculum will begin being implemented in schools in fall 2022. The following fall, students from the program will be encouraged to attend HBCUs through a scholarship program.

Mr. Dortch asked the co-authors if they see this curriculum being a tool in helping the politically charged resentment that is simmering in our nation. The authors noted that since the curriculum is not historically based, but more based on the values of MLK, it is favored in all parts of the United States. They predict it to be very successful once it goes into full effect.

At IWP, Dr. Daniels teaches a course on Human Rights and Counter-Radicalization.

Listen to the interview