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Dr. Matt Daniels’ MLK curriculum to be promoted in Africa

Civil Rights - Our Global Lineage -- Cover of the MLK curriculumIWP professor Dr. Matthew Daniels, with his colleagues Anthony Jones and Vern Howard, has developed a curriculum through McGraw Hill Education called Civil Rights: A Global Perspective. It is designed to show young leaders the principles from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the ways they can be prepared to tackle human rights issues. Dr. Daniels and his colleagues are now looking at making this curriculum easily accessible in Africa.

On March 24th, Dr. Daniels partnered with AfroLeadership, a human rights NGO based in Cameroon, to host a webinar on “Teaching Universal Rights and Non Violence.” Twenty participants attended the webinar, including guests from the Open Dreams Network and the Human Rights Online Coalition. This webinar was the first step in their efforts to socialize the MLK curriculum with AfroLeadership’s pan-African network. Dr. Daniels was initially approached by the founder to bring the curriculum to Africa in order to address the dangerous problem of simmering ethnic and tribal divisions.

Dr. Matt Daniels is the Chair of Law and Human Rights and Founder of the Center for Human Rights and International Affairs at The Institute of World Politics. At IWP, he teaches a course on Human Rights and Counter-Radicalization. Dr. Daniels is the Founder of Good of All, an international public education movement that is dedicated to promoting universal human rights in the Digital Age.

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