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IWP launches Navy Special Warfare Veteran Fellows Program

IWP is pleased to announce a new Naval Special Warfare Veteran Fellows program for NSW veterans. This immersive one-to-two semester program in Washington, D.C. is designed to prepare veteran operators for their next chapter, whether it be in public service, the private sector, or academia.

Through this program, NSW Veteran Fellows will learn to assess, analyze, and craft solutions at the strategic level.

During their tenure, IWP NSW Veteran Fellows may take 8 credits per semester, with 100% of tuition waived. Each Fellow will be assigned a faculty mentor, giving the Fellow an opportunity to contribute to the scholar-practitioner’s cutting-edge work in the fields of national security, international affairs, and strategic intelligence.

Beyond the classroom, IWP NSW Veteran Fellows will attend in-person and online lectures by IWP faculty and visiting experts; meet with successful IWP alumni working in their respective field(s) of interest; and attend D.C. area events such as congressional hearings, think tanks and research institution seminars, and guided museum tours.

In addition to fulfilling their respective course requirements and attending specific program meetings and events, IWP NSW Veteran Fellows will conduct a talk/briefing on their respective experiences as operators and the critical role Naval Special Warfare plays within U.S. Special Operations and U.S. military strategy.

“IWP values the contributions and sacrifice of the Navy Special Warfare Veteran community, and we are looking forward to welcoming NSW Veterans to our classrooms,” said Christine Balling, IWP’s Senior Vice President for Professional Affiliations who is managing this program.  “We hope that this program will enable veterans to build on their experiences and make them more competitive candidates for positions in the fields of national security, intelligence, and international affairs.”

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