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IWP launches Strategic Leadership Seminar

IWP launches Strategic Leadership Seminar

Starting this fall, IWP’s Strategic Leadership Seminar will become available to participant groups of government, military, corporate, and NGO leadership. This customized, one-week program is held at IWP’s Washington, D.C. campus.

During the seminar, expert IWP scholar-practitioners will explore key strategic issues through a combination of graduate-level lectures and experiential exercises. Participants will come away with an enhanced understanding of United States geostrategic priorities and how those priorities might affect a given participant group’s interests abroad. By learning the different tools of statecraft, participants will better forecast, mitigate, and manage during an international crisis or conflict.

Seminar leaders will encourage strategic thinking and constructive debate.

Topics that could be covered include: The Art of Statecraft: National Security Roles & Missions; Public Diplomacy & Strategic Influence; Intelligence Operations; Economic Statecraft & Risk Assessment; Peace Building; “Winning without War”; and Cyber Terrorism.

IWP plans to offer its first such seminar to a group from the military this coming September.

For more information, please contact Christine Balling, Senior Vice President, Professional Affiliations at or (202) 462-2101, ext. 326.