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IWP hosts United States Army War College students virtually

The Institute of World Politics hosted its annual visit for the United States Army War College as part of its annual National Security Staff Ride on April 13, 2022.

In total, there were 15 participants from the USAWC, representing all U.S. services and five international officers from Europe, the Mideast, Australia, and the Philippines.

During their three-hour visit, the participants heard from various IWP faculty, following welcoming remarks from IWP Chancellor Dr. John Lenczowski. Dr. Mark Jan Chodakiewicz discussed “Perspectives on Russian Invasion of Ukraine;” Prof. Al Santoli discussed “Terrorism and the Aftermath of the Afghan Debacle;” Prof. John Sano gave a talk on “China and North Korea on the Threat Horizon;” Prof. Douglas Streusand discussed “Iran and the Ideological Challenge of the Total State;” and Prof. John Quattrocki discussed “The Critical Need for Strategic Counterintelligence.” Interim Dean of Academics Dr. James Robbins gave closing remarks.

For a third consecutive year, the USAWC students visited IWP virtually as a replacement for the traditional in-person visit.

The USAWC National Security Staff Ride program focuses on the following academic objectives:

  • Gain broader perspective of government and non-government organizations that impact national security policy and national military strategy, with particular emphasis on those with interagency responsibilities
  • Enhance understanding of the Constitutional roles and responsibilities of Congress, its legislative activities, and its impact on Service authorities and resources and national security policy
  • Enhance understanding of the full breadth of U.S. national power and statecraft with emphasis on the diplomatic, economic, and informational instruments of power

The Institute looks forward to the next visit with the USAWC.