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Human Rights Network run by Dr. Matt Daniels passes 41 million views

Center for Human Rights and International Affairs Team
Dr. Matt Daniels and interns for IWP’s Center for Human Rights and International Affairs celebrating 41 million views on the Human Rights Network.

The Human Rights Network, which is run by IWP professor Dr. Matthew Daniels as a part of his nonprofit Good of All, has passed 41 million views on its content. This channel, which promotes human rights principles, contains videos created by IWP interns who have been working with IWP’s Center for Human Rights and International Affairs. This Center is a partnership between IWP and Good of All.

These interns have been focusing on the Center’s Digital Media Education Program. This program works to prevent terrorism and other human rights abuses through a comprehensive soft-power strategy to combat toxic ideas that deny the dignity and rights of other human beings.

The IWP interns who support the Center’s work are trained in the basic principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They then learn how to create movie reviews and video game reviews that communicate those principles to others in the context of entertaining digital video.

Some examples of our interns’ work are as follows:

The educational value of these videos has been independently validated by a study by the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute.