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Maria Anastassiathe to teach Greek language at IWP

Maria Anastassiathe to teach Greek language at IWP

Molly AnastassiatheThis semester, new IWP language professor Maria Anastassiathe is teaching a course on the Greek language.

This class will help students to develop basic Greek language skills and knowledge of modern Greece. The course uses text, audio, practice, and exercises to help students learn how to listen, speak, read, and write modern Greek. Alphabet, sounds, specialized and basic vocabulary, formulaic/idiomatic expressions, grammar, and essential structure principles will be taught. Selected texts, dialogue, and audio podcasts will be used in teaching the participating students.

This class will help students to prepare for the upcoming study abroad in Greece, but all students who wish to participate in this immersive class are invited to participate.

Prof. Maria Anastassiathe specializes in modern Greek language and literature. She was born in Greece and has received many honors and awards for her academic excellence. Prof. Anastassiathe received her bachelor’s in history from the University of Athens, School of Philosophy. She was awarded her M.A. degree in Ancient Greek from Bryn Mawr College. She has taught at Dickinson College and Brown University for almost twenty-five years.