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IWP students visit CIA headquarters

IWP Leadership at CIA
IWP Leadership at the CIA

On January 27, 17 IWP students, along with members of the IWP leadership team, including IWP’s President Ambassador Aldona Woś, M.D.,  Executive Vice President Chris Glass, Academic Dean Dr. James Robbins, and Director of Career Services & Special Programs Derrick T. Dortch, were given the honor of visiting the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Original Headquarters Building (OHB) and receiving a tour of the newly modernized and interactive CIA Museum commemorating the CIA’s 75th anniversary.

The new museum is dedicated to educating and inspiring the CIA’s workforce and official visitors on the CIA’s history, mission, people, and contributions to national security. Following the tour, the students received a recruitment briefing about the CIA’s new hiring process and critical hiring needs.

After the briefing, the group was visited by members of the IWP family who work in the building and wanted to say a special hello to the IWP group.

Every IWP staff member and student attending that day left this special visit inspired by the amazing work the CIA does each day to protect the nation. Students left even more committed to using their IWP education to one day join the ranks of the CIA.

IWP is grateful to the CIA for an incredible visit and for the service that it renders to our country.