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IWP hosts the Rector of SNSPA, Remus Pricopie

On Thursday, May 25, the Rector of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA), Dr. Remus Pricopie, along with associates Dr. Dan Sultănescu, a teaching staff member at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations at SNSPA, and Oana Cosmina Mihalache, an advisor within the Romanian Embassy in the U.S., visited The Institute of World Politics.

Dr. Pricopie spoke with IWP President Ambassador Aldona Woś and IWP representatives Dr. James Robbins, Christine Balling, and Sebastian Smeureanu regarding how SNSPA and IWP might partner. The group also discussed solutions to combat foreign influence and disinformation.

During the meeting, representatives from both institutions agreed to define a framework for collaboration to be officially approved and run starting the next academic year.  IWP and SNSPA share similarities in their academic structures, including offering both master’s and doctoral programs, postgraduate studies and certificate programs, and continuing education in areas such as diplomacy, national security, international relations, economic strategies, and leadership.