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Dr. Caitlin Schindler (’10) teaches public diplomacy course at IWP

Caitlin Schindler

Dr. Caitlin Schindler (’10), the author of The Origins of Public Diplomacy in US Statecraft: Uncovering a Forgotten Tradition (2018), is teaching IWP’s course on Public Diplomacy this summer.

This course examines the history, theories, and methodologies of public diplomacy and strategic influence since the end of World War II. Dr. Schindler is helping prepare students to integrate public diplomacy and strategic influence with other tools of statecraft – traditional diplomacy, foreign aid, intelligence collection and covert operations, and military and economic foreign policy – and conditioning them to approach the issue confidently.

Formerly a Research Professor at IWP and now a member of the adjunct faculty, Dr. Schindler has a Master’s Degree in Strategic Intelligence from The Institute of World Politics and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Leeds. Her research examines American public diplomacy’s origins from 1776 through 1948.