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Thomas Cromwell discusses his book “Why Ukraine Must Win”

Why Ukraine Must Win, with Thomas Cromwell

On September 5, Thomas Cromwell, the author of Why Ukraine Must Win, discussed his book at IWP.

Mr. Cromwell highlighted the urgency and significance of Ukraine’s role in the contemporary global landscape, making a compelling case for why Ukraine’s success is crucial, not only for the region but for the broader international community.

One of the pivotal points that Mr. Cromwell emphasized was the geopolitical importance of Ukraine. He delved into the intricate web of international relations, emphasizing Ukraine’s position as a key player in shaping regional stability and global dynamics. He articulated that Ukraine’s success is intertwined with broader questions of international security and peace.

Mr. Cromwell elucidated the historical and cultural factors that have shaped Ukraine’s identity and its ongoing struggle for sovereignty. His presentation touched on the rich tapestry of Ukrainian history and its impact on contemporary events, providing the audience with an understanding of the country’s complex journey.

During the presentation, Mr. Cromwell also explored the economic and strategic aspects of Ukraine’s development. He discussed the challenges and opportunities Ukraine faces on its path to progress, touching upon economic reforms, trade partnerships, and the role of international support in bolstering Ukraine’s prospects.

As Mr. Cromwell concluded his presentation, he underscored the importance of fostering international awareness and support for Ukraine’s endeavors. He passionately advocated for a united global effort to ensure Ukraine’s success, emphasizing that the consequences of its fate resonate far beyond its borders.

The presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session, during which Mr. Cromwell engaged with the audience, addressing their queries and providing further insights into the book’s content and the broader issues it raised.

IWP is grateful to the sponsors who made this event possible:

Jennifer London

Malcolm McNaughton

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