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IWP celebrates an “Evening of Espionage”

On Thursday, October 26th, approximately 400 students, alumni, trustees, faculty, and supporters came together for IWP’s gala event, titled “From IWP with Love”: An Evening of Espionage, at the International Spy Museum. The evening focused on celebrating IWP’s intelligence programs, in particular.

High-level sponsors of the event had the opportunity to experience the SPY exhibit with IWP faculty members, who shared some of their own experiences in the Intelligence Community and how the exhibits in the museum related to what they taught in class. Meanwhile, guests enjoyed champagne in the SPY lobby.

IWP President Amb. Aldona Woś welcomed the guests to the main reception, and Kelley DeConciliis, the Vice Chair of IWP’s Board of Advisors who has close ties to the International Spy Museum, spoke about the exhibits.

Amb. Aldona Wos speaking at the 2023 IWP Gala
Amb. Aldona Woś speaking at the Gala. Photo by Aesthetic Images.

Amb. Woś then interviewed three generations of intelligence officers on stage: two IWP professors, and one IWP Chancellor’s Council Member. Prof. John Sano, former Deputy Director of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, spoke about the adjustments the Intelligence Community (IC) is making with intelligence officers who are millennials and Gen Z, as well as the challenges that the IC will face in the coming years. Fred Rustmann, an IWP supporter, former Senior Operations Officer in the CIA’s Clandestine Service, and former mentor of Prof. Sano, spoke about changes in the Intelligence Community landscape and the CIA. Prof. Glenn Corn, a 34-year veteran of the Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Communities, spoke about the politicization of intelligence and its impacts. The speakers emphasized the importance of educating the next generation of intelligence officers who are eager to serve their country in this unique way. 

Speaking Program at IWP Gala 2023
Photo by Aesthetic Images.

This event served as the culmination of IWP’s annual Chancellor’s Council meeting. On October 25th, many of IWP’s top supporters gathered at the Institute’s Washington, D.C. campus for an opening reception. Chairman John Lovewell gave opening remarks.

During the day on October 26th, Chancellor’s Council members met at the St. Regis for a day of talks with IWP faculty, alumni, and students. Kelley DeConciliis discussed “Afghanistan Exfiltration: When Diplomacy Goes Dark.” Dr. Enrico Suardi (’19), Chief of Psychiatry at St. Elizabeths Hospital, gave a talk on “Foreign Leaders Analysis: A Profile of Narendra Modi of India.” James Rice (’20) discussed “Ukraine’s Return to Europe and the Death Throes of an Empire.” Prof. John Quattrocki, a former Senior Executive on the National Security Council Staff who now teaches at IWP, discussed “Chinese Spy Katrina Leung – And Lessons for Today.” Fred Rustmann gave a talk on “Whither the CIA?” 

Learn more about joining the Chancellor’s Council here. 

Guests with Spy Characters at the IWP Gala 2023

Guests enjoying the SPY exhibit at the IWP Gala 2023

Champagne Girl at IWP Gala 2023

Dancing at IWP Gala 2023

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