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Kelley DeConciliis to serve as IWP’s new Vice Chairman on the Board of Advisors

Kelley DeConciliis

The Institute of World Politics is pleased to announce that Kelley DeConciliis, SASSI Chief Operating Officer, will serve as the new Vice Chairman on the Board of Advisors. Kelley has diligently served on the IWP Board of Advisors since 2021. As a board member, Kelley has given her time and energy with guest lectures to both current and prospective students at IWP. Her passion for our next generation of national security leaders at IWP is unmatched but by her unwavering support for the school and its mission.

Kelley DeConciliis serves as Chief Operating Officer at SASSI, a Woman Owned Small Business in Chantilly, VA working with the Intelligence Community.  She served as Chairman of the Board of Directors at International Stability Operations Association (ISOA), which represents over 145 government contractor companies that operate in overseas high-risk austere environments.

Ms. DeConciliis brings 20 years as a trusted advisor on international overseas operations, business development, start-ups, and acquisitions, counter-bioterrorism, expeditionary medicine, emergency preparedness, and exfiltration services.  Prior to SASSI, she served as Vice President of International Operations at Comprehensive Health Services (CHS) managing the operations for expeditionary medical services to Department of State in Iraq and Afghanistan for both human and K-9 programs. Ms. DeConciliis managed the second largest supply chain for PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) at USAID to over 16 countries throughout Africa. She ran multiple, complex CONUS and OCONUS medical programs for the world’s largest health care system under Defense Health Agency (DHA) that was comprised of 60 Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) around the globe, Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), detention centers, and the White House Medical Unit.

She also worked for Microsoft Corporation under Bill Gates’ Research and Development Sector, after Microsoft bought their 22-person start-up, Azyxxi, in 2006. Kelley was selected by Microsoft’s Chief Strategy Officer, to stand up the Health Solutions Group for Microsoft Federal in Washington, D.C., which led to partnerships with Military Health System (MHS) and Veterans Administration (VA).

After 9/11, she worked on the “Federal ER One Project,” a national prototype for the next generation “all risks ready” emergency department working with Department of Homeland Security-Biodefense in Washington, D.C. Ms. DeConciliis holds a Neuro-psychology degree from The Catholic University of America. She has been featured as a security and exfiltration commentator on CNN, Fox News, and The Washington Post. Ms. DeConciliis holds a Top-Secret Security Clearance.

IWP President Amb. Aldona Wos said, “Kelley has provided such instrumental help to IWP in so many ways – mentoring our students and interns, advising our events team, and speaking at our special events. We are thrilled that she is taking on this new leadership role on the Board of Advisors.”

Kelley DeConciliis speaking at an IWP event
Kelley DeConciliis speaking at an IWP event

Media Highlights:


Honorable Hadi Mejrabi and Kelley DeConciliis8/1/21: Honorable Hadi Mejrabi, Deputy Chief of Mission with the Afghanistan Embassy, meets Kelley DeConciliis, then Chairman of ISOA, to discuss weapon systems negotiations, Afghan pilots with government contractors, and current peace talks in Afghanistan within the National Security sector.

Kelley DeConciliis on CNN

8/24/21: CNN Newsroom with National Security Correspondent and Anchor, Jim Sciutto, talks National Security and the role of government contractors within Afghanistan with Kelley DeConciliis, Institute of World Politics Board of Advisors and then Chairman of International Stability Operations Association (ISOA)