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Dr. Saba Sattar to teach new course on the Indo-Pacific


Saba Sattar

Dr. Saba Sattar (’22), an Asia-Pacific subject matter expert at Crisis24, has joined IWP as an adjunct faculty member to teach a new online course on The Indo-Pacific: Strategy Making in the Priority Theater (IWPO 711).

As senior defense and military officials designate the Indo-Pacific “as the most consequential theater” year after year, this regional course will seek to enhance a thought leader’s ability to sustainably conduct the art of strategy making. The Indo-Pacific is home to four culturally distinct sub-regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific. The escalating Sino-American competition in this strategic space requires policymakers and relevant stakeholders to remain proactive in tailoring policy to each critical sub-region. 

As such, this course will begin with a high-level discussion of the evolution of this strategic space. The second section will draw historical guidance to illustrate how the complex interplay of these factors prompts a national leader to execute strategic decisions. The final section of the course will examine each sub-region for two to three weeks at a time. 

Dr. Saba Sattar is an emerging scholar-practitioner specializing in the Indo-Pacific region. Her expertise lies in crafting comprehensive policy strategies and meticulous risk assessments through a whole-of-government lens. 

She currently works at Crisis24, an integrated risk management firm under GardaWorld—the world’s largest private security organization. There, she provides tactical and strategic evaluations in various forms, chiefly concerning the critical infrastructure sector. Her evaluations assist several stakeholders in enhancing their situational awareness in operational environments of high-risk strategic priority areas. 

Dr. Sattar has supported leading enterprises up to the C-suite level and high-level defense officials in mitigating emerging threats amid an escalating Sino-American structural competition in the priority theater through her subject matter expertise and consulting endeavors. She has also written numerous publications with prestigious news outlets and think tanks.

Dr. Sattar’s academic work emphasizes the significance of employing a viable integrated grand strategy by drawing historical lessons and strengthening Washington’s cultural intelligence apparatus to bolster international defense and security cooperation. She received her Doctorate of Statecraft and National Security from IWP in 2022.