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IWP and the American Committees on Foreign Relations create partnership


In February 2024, IWP and the American Committees on Foreign Relations (AFCR) formalized a partnership agreement aimed at advancing education in national security, intelligence, and international affairs.

“IWP and ACFR’s mutual commitment to rigorous and informed education on the realities of international affairs is vital to the defense of the American way of life,” said IWP Senior Vice President of Graduate Recruitment Tim Stebbins. “Through our new partnership we will be able to further advance the mission of educating the next generation of leadership in intelligence, diplomacy, and national security. We look very forward to welcoming these new students through our doors and watching them embark on fascinating careers.”

This educational alliance presents a host of benefits specifically tailored to individuals who have participated in ACFR’s Young Leaders Initiative. Participants of the initiative will gain streamlined access to IWP’s Master of Arts (MA) programs through the Early Assurance program, ensuring pre-approved admission upon successful completion of their program.

​​Further, participants are afforded additional unique opportunities to enrich their educational journey. With priority consideration for IWP’s internship program, these individuals gain invaluable hands-on experience in diplomacy, national security, intelligence, and related areas, enhancing their practical skills and understanding of global affairs.

Moreover, these individuals are eligible for special financial support tailored to their needs. Through “partnership scholarships” totaling $2,200 per semester for at least ten individuals annually, these scholarships offer crucial financial assistance to support their educational endeavors, alleviating the burden of tuition costs and facilitating their academic pursuits.

In addition to financial support, participants of the initiative benefit from reduced tuition rates of $500 per credit hour for IWP’s online M.A. programs. This reduction in tuition fees significantly enhances accessibility to quality education, ensuring that participants can pursue their academic and professional goals without undue financial strain.

These comprehensive benefits demonstrate the commitment of IWP and the American Committees on Foreign Relations to empowering emerging leaders in national security, intelligence, and international affairs through education.