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IWP to offer course on Turkish Foreign Policy, Intelligence, and Security Services

This summer, as a result of student interest, Prof. Glenn Corn, a former CIA Senior Executive, will teach a new two-credit course on “Turkish Foreign Policy, Intelligence, and Security Services” (IWP 717).

This course is designed to complement IWP 685 – The Turks: Relations with the MENA, Europe and America, Then and Now by deepening students’ understanding of the security structures supporting Türkiye’s relations with international actors. To this end, the course will examine the role of Türkiye’s State Security Structures, including the Turkish Armed Forces, Interior Ministry, and National Intelligence Organization. This course will also examine key and perceived threats facing Türkiye since the creation of the Republic to understand the motivations of its national security policy.

Throughout the course, students will relate covered topics to their impact on U.S.-Turkish relations.

The course will culminate with live exercises, including simulations of both a Turkish and U.S. NSC meeting, as well as mock diplomatic engagements.

A 34-year veteran of the U.S. Intelligence and Foreign Affairs communities, Prof. Corn speaks Turkish and has served in Türkiye, among other places, during his 20 years abroad. He has also held senior leadership positions within the Intelligence Community in the U.S.  Prof. is a founding partner of the Strategic Advisory and Consulting firm Varyag and expert contributor to The Cipher Brief.

The new course may be taken as part of several IWP programs, including the M.A. in Statecraft and National Security Affairs, the M.A. in Strategic Intelligence Studies, and the M.A. in Statecraft and International Affairs.

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