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IWP to offer new U.S.-India Strategic Relations course

This summer, Dr. Saba Sattar, a senior Asia-Pacific subject matter expert in the private sector, will teach a new two-credit course titled “U.S.-India Strategic Relations: Implications for Contemporary Power Politics” (IWP 718).

“Studying U.S.-India relations underscores the potential for nurturing one of the most meaningful strategic partnerships of this century by uniting the world’s most powerful democracy with the most populous democracy,” noted Dr. Sattar.

The course will begin with a broad discussion of the historical evolution of U.S.-India relations and the rise of Delhi’s economic and geopolitical clout since the Cold War era. Students will draw on history to illustrate the complex nuances between the evolving dynamics of partnerships and alliances and how such factors prompt a national leader to execute strategic decisions.

The second section of the course will cover wide-ranging issues concerning India’s unique external threat perception and defensive foreign policy, which seeks to strictly observe political neutrality – a marked distinction from the West’s traditional alliance framework. Understanding India’s growing insecurities will require a closer look at its interactions with other key players within the subregional context.

The final segment will examine unexplored opportunities for greater Indo-American cooperation and multilateral cooperation via the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or “Quad” – an informal strategic forum between Australia, India, Japan, and the U.S. that has garnered considerable attention in recent years.

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