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IWP interns visit the McCain Institute

IWP Interns at the McCain Institute, Spring 2024

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, the IWP spring intern cohort attended an informational session at The (John) McCain Institute at their offices on 1800 St NW, Washington, D.C.

The event was orchestrated by one of IWP’s own interns, Tomas Melia, through a contact that allowed the cohort this opportunity.

The McCain Institute, part of Arizona State University, holds a commitment to advancing American principles of democracy and human rights and empowering character-driven leaders. The McCain Institute’s programs build on Senator McCain’s drive to turn ideas into action and action into impact.

The interns met with McCain Institute Fellows over lunch. This peer-to-peer dynamic and causal meeting style allowed for an enlightened and thoughtful discussion regarding topics such as sovereignty, the rule of law, and international norms. IWP interns and McCain Institute Fellows discussed everything from Central African relations to the legality of Ukrainian Special Forces entering and operating in Sudan.

A McCain Fellow by the name of Julia Elings provided some of the most thoughtful analysis regarding the state and future of democracy in the war-torn country of Ukraine. Ms. Elings also discussed opportunities for employment at the McCain Institute, its fellowship program, and the perks of working for a think tank. One of IWP’s research interns Dylan Winters, recalled the visit as “An extremely fascinating side of the think tank world of D.C., and an incredible way to memorialize a specific influential individual.”

This sort of mentorship allowed many interns to note the uncommon paths we all take to get where we want in life and in our careers.  Many great conversations were had and the resounding conclusion from the IWP interns was that it was a valuable experience.