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Prof. Jeff Johnson to teach new course on Leadership in Future Operating Environments

This fall, IWP will offer a new online course on Leadership in Future Operating Environments (IWPO 720, 4 credits), taught by Prof. Jeff Johnson, an Adjunct Professor of National Security Affairs at IWP and a former Army Combat Arms Officer and Foreign Affairs Specialist.

The new course is a multidisciplinary study of leadership in organizations related to current and future operating environments. It addresses critical aspects of national security leadership challenges and exposes students to the most relevant and useful concepts, theories, and knowledge related to leadership.

The course aims to develop students’ ability to navigate the complexities of the global security landscape by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to be effective leaders in this environment. This course will suggest that adaptive leadership offers solutions to those critical challenges that are not routine and leverages five strategic principles of leadership for application (identify challenges, efficient pressure, issue focus, effective task management, and consolidate gains).

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