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IWP welcomes U.S. Army War College students during Staff Ride

USAWC 2024 Staff Ride - Morning Gruop
The group from the USAWC that visited in the morning of May 15th.

On May 15, IWP was pleased to welcome two groups of students and faculty members from the U.S. Army War College as a part of the annual USAWC National Security Staff Ride. Each group attended seminars on national security and international affairs topics.

One group visited in the morning, and the other group visited in the afternoon. The morning group was led by Colonel Jorg Stenzel, a visiting professor from the Republic of Germany Army, and fourteen officers, three from Armenia, Slovenia, and Sri Lanka. The afternoon group was led by Colonel Kevin Fletcher, USA, and included thirteen officers, two from Malaysia and Lebanon.

IWP’s Executive Vice President Captain Chris Glass, USN (Ret.), Senior Vice President Captain Dean Lane, USN (Ret.), and Operations Manager 1st Lieutenant Jonathan Jarrett, USA hosted the groups this year.

Topics focused on some of the most pressing national security threats and welcomed: Dr. James Robbins, IWP Academic Dean addressing the current Israeli-Hamas war.  Dr. and Colonel USA (Ret.) James Fraley, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist for Pragmatics, Inc. speaking on Russian and Chinese cyber software supply chain disruption – attack and protection.  Concluding the morning briefs, Captain Greg Crawford, USNR and Vice President of Operations for Mission Essential, provided an introduction to open-source intelligence (OSINT) and a case study of its impact on the current Ukrainian-Russian war.

The afternoon sessions began with former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Colonel Sergio De La Pena, USA (Ret.) addressing the current U.S. southern border crisis.  Finally, Lieutenant Commander, Chris Glass II, USNR (IWP ’18) of the Office of Naval Intelligence, provided a maritime overview of a potential future conflict.

Since 2018, the USAWC has included a visit to IWP as a part of its National Security Staff Ride. The Staff Ride is a foundational part of the strategic education curriculum in the 10-month USAWC program that prepares executive-level military, civilian, and international officers to assume strategic leadership positions throughout the military and government agencies.

Many of the students who attended will become the generals, admirals, and senior executive service leaders of the future.

USAWC 2024 Staff Ride - Afternoon Group
The group from the USAWC that visited in the afternoon of May 15th.