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IWP attends the third annual HammerCon National Convention

Dean Lane and Paul Davis at HammerCon

On Thursday, May 16th, IWP representatives joined 36 other exhibitors including CYBERCOM, NSA, Microsoft, and others at the third annual HammerCon National Convention.  

HammerCon is organized by the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA). The convention was held on the campus of Capitol Technology University in Laurel, MD.  MCPA’s mission is “dedicated to developing American military cyber professionals and investing in our nation’s future through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The MCPA serves the functions of a regimental association for the American cyber community.” 

Along with exhibitors, there were over 900 attendees registered.  

IWP has attended all HammerCons and has been successful in advancing both IWP and the Cyber Intelligence Initiative’s (Ci2) reputation among the cyber community. The IWP exhibition was manned by IWP’s CIO Dean Lane and Adjunct Professor Paul Davis. A large percentage of the visitors to IWP’s exhibit were current or former members of the military, many stationed at nearby Fort Meade. 

In addition to the exhibitors, there were over 35 lectures broken up into three tracks: the CORE track which covered general subjects, the Academic track which covered such topics as domestic cyber defense, and the Commercial track with topics such as AI-driven cyber defense. 

IWP spoke to over 100 of the attendees and found significant interest in continuing their education and acquiring an advanced certification in Cyber. We also spoke to a number of current Capitol Tech undergrads who are looking to start their careers and were impressed with the IWP and CII offerings.