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Exfiltration expert Kelley DeConciliis to teach course on The Fog of War and The Dark Days of Diplomacy

Kelley DeConciliis
Prof. Kelley DeConciliis

“Terrorists Never Sleep, but Neither do Soccer Moms.”

Kelley DeConciliis has joined IWP’s faculty to teach a new two-credit course, The Fog of War and The Dark Days of Diplomacy (IWP 721), which will be offered in person at IWP this fall.

The new course explores what happens when diplomacy goes dark, and leaders on the front lines are left with untenable decisions to make in minutes with a high probability of regret and remorse. Understanding the true meaning of the “fog of war” is a notion most can only clearly see in the rear-view mirror after the conflict and chaos is over.

Each class will be centered around real-life accounts from a subject matter expert who currently operates within the Intelligence Community to provide students a greater insight and understanding in profiling adversaries, emergency management during black swan events, exfiltration, national security, CBRNE, global expeditionary logistical management, women/peace/security, espionage, and tradecraft.

An exfiltration expert and soccer mom, Prof. DeConciliis has served with IWP’s Board of Advisors for several years, most recently taking on the position of Vice Chairman in 2023.

Meanwhile, she serves as Chief Operating Officer at a Woman Owned Small Business in Chantilly, VA working with the Intelligence Community.

Prof. DeConciliis brings 20 years as a trusted advisor on international overseas operations, business development, start-ups, and acquisitions (Microsoft, Veritas, GDIT), counter-bioterrorism, expeditionary medicine, emergency preparedness, and exfiltration services.  In the private sector, she managed operations for expeditionary medical services to the Department of State in Iraq and Afghanistan for both human and K-9 programs. Prof. DeConciliis led the second-largest supply chain for PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) at USAID to over 16 countries throughout Africa. Prof. DeConciliis ran multiple complex CONUS and OCONUS medical programs for the world’s largest healthcare system under the Defense Health Agency (DHA) that comprised of 60 Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) around the globe, Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), detention centers, and the White House Medical Unit.

Prof. DeConciliis’ new course may be taken as a part of several IWP programs:


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