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Crossing of the Dan

Dr. Phil Williams participates at the anniversary commemoration of The Crossing of the Dan during the American Revolution

IWP Professor Henry (Phil) Williams gave remarks on the commemoration of The Crossing of the Dan during the American Revolution, which took place on February 14, 1781. Members of the Virginia Society Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, and other American history enthusiasts paraded from The Prizery to Constitution Square in…

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General Peter Pace speaks at IWP Student Roundtable

On March 10th, IWP hosted a student roundtable discussion with General Peter Pace. At this event, General Pace spoke with students about his experience as the 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Pace has had a distinguished 40-year career in the United States Marine Corps, holding command at virtually every level while…

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IWP’s response to the coronavirus

Because of public health concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), all IWP classes held March 23-April 11 will be held online. There will be NO classes meeting at IWP during this period. We will be utilizing the on-line tool to conduct classes and will send students the necessary links to access classes remotely. Classes that…

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Prof. Rebeccah Heinrichs discusses U.S.-India relations and the coronavirus

On February 24, 2020, Professor Rebeccah Heinrichs discussed President Trump’s strengthening of America’s relationship with India, fostering what could be a strategic counter to China, as well as the lack of transparency coming out of China amid the coronavirus outbreak, on Fox Business. Professor Heinrichs stated that by signing the $3 billion agreement between the…

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Prof. Rebeccah Heinrichs discusses China and the coronavirus on Fox Business

This past week, Professor Rebeccah Heinrichs gave remarks on Fox Business about how the Communist Party of China (CPC) was responsible for the initial outbreak of the coronavirus and how many statistics revolving around the virus have been under-reported. During the segment, Prof. Heinrichs stated that the general population has the right to know about…

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Paul Coyer

Dr. Paul Coyer writes new book on the ethics of nationalism

In March, IWP Research Professor Dr. Paul Coyer’s new book, L’Etica del Nazionalismo (The Ethics of Nationalism) will be released in Italy. In the book, Dr. Coyer writes that the nation, contrary to the predictions of some, has not only not disappeared but is experiencing a resurgence in importance. He argues that defining nationalism as…

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Heidi LeBaron Leupp joins IWP Board of Trustees

IWP is pleased to welcome Heidi LeBaron Leupp as the newest member of the Board of Trustees. Ms. LeBaron Leupp had served on the IWP Board of Advisors since November 2018.   “Those of us who know Heidi couldn’t be more delighted to have her join the Board of Trustees,” commented IWP founder and president…

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IWP joins IAFIE as its first Student Chapter

In January, a group of 15 IWP students became the first, or “Alpha” chapter of the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE), the only truly international intelligence association dedicated to furthering research, knowledge, and professional development in intelligence education. IAFIE’s board recently approved the formation of student chapters at universities and colleges with intelligence-related programs…

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