Certificate of Graduate Study

The certificate program is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate studies but do not need a degree, and for those students who already have an advanced degree yet need additional graduate credentials. 

Doctor of Statecraft and National Security (Professional)

The Doctor of Statecraft and National Security (Professional) (DSNS) is a degree tailored towards national security professionals, as opposed to those who wish to pursue a teaching career. This program is designed to educate national security professionals in the art of employing the integrated instruments of national power to achieve the ends of policy.

Academic Programs for Defense & Intelligence Leadership

IWP has partnerships with the United States Naval War College, the United States Army, and agencies in the intelligence community. 

Continuing Education & Auditors

The Institute also welcomes applicants who demonstrate a serious interest in the study of national security and international affairs, but do not need a certificate or degree. Students have the option of enrolling in courses for credit or as auditors (non-credit). 


In Washington, D.C. many professionals begin their careers as interns. Interns regularly include college students, recent graduates and even those who have held professional positions, but are looking to move to a new field. IWP offers a stimulating academic environment, a chance to be a part of a graduate school team, the opportunity to audit a graduate course free of charge and the occasion to be close to Washington scholar-practitioners.

Strategic Fellows Program

The Strategic Fellows Program at The Institute of World Politics is an intensive three-week program focused on providing company grade officers and senior NCOs guided introduction to development of national security policy at the strategic and Federal level. 

Cyber Intelligence Initiative

The IWP Cyber Intelligence Initiative is an executive education program of The Institute of World Politics. CII was designed by business leaders and national security experts to help practitioners and companies better understand how to use intelligence to develop policies and operations that proactively increase security and reduce business risk.