About the Continuing Education Program

The Institute also welcomes applicants who demonstrate a serious interest in the study of national security and international affairs, but do not need a certificate or degree. Students have the option of enrolling in courses for credit or as auditors (non-credit). Auditors are expected to attend class regularly but are not required to complete the coursework and do not receive a grade or credit for the course.

Continuing education students are not eligible for IWP financial aid and are not guaranteed admission into the certificate or degree programs. Students wishing to apply to the certificate or M.A. programs must follow the relevant application instructions. No more than three courses taken before a student is admitted to the certificate program may be credited toward that program, and no more than five Institute courses taken before a student is admitted to a Master’s program may be credited toward an M.A. degree. For further information, see the continuing education section of “Academic Policies and Procedures” in the Catalog and Student Handbook.

If a continuing education student has not registered for a course for more than two years, he must re-apply for admission.

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Perspectives from alumni of the Continuing Education Program


“Even though I had knowledge from working with an actual spy, [my course at IWP] introduced me to the whole realm of academic thinking and experience of the IC with all these different spies.”
Dr. David Charney
Expert on the Mind of the Spy
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“When I went back to Estonia, I became the first ever U.S. Desk Officer in the Estonian Foreign Ministry.”
Amb. Eerik Marmei
Former Ambassador of Estonia to the U.S.
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