Military Intelligence and Modern Warfare

IWP 648
Four credits

This course assesses the role and importance of military intelligence in modern warfare and is designed to familiarize the student with key sources, components, and methods of modern military intelligence, including U.S. and foreign approaches. The course provides a summary of the historical development of military intelligence from antiquity to the present, using World War II, Cold War, and recent case studies to illustrate the importance, role, effectiveness, successes, and errors of military intelligence. The course concludes with an assessment of the evolving role of military intelligence in the 21st Century. No prior knowledge of military history of intelligence is required.

Semester Available

Spring Semester

Principal Professor

   David L. Thomas
Professor of Intelligence Studies {read more}
   Christopher R. Lew
President and Co-Founder of Water Dragons Consulting, Senior China Policy Analyst at SAIC {read more}