The Role and Importance of Human Intelligence

Humint, 180x190IWP 668
Four credits 


HUMINT (Human Intelligence) plays an integral, if not indispensable role within the intelligence and national security arenas. Whether it is against traditional nation-state adversaries or newer and more pronounced threats, such as terrorist networks, or the more esoteric, like cybersecurity, the human factor remains a dominant force. This course will cover both the basics of espionage, i.e. the intelligence framework within which it operates as well as the recruitment cycle which directs agent acquisitions and handling. Starting with the basics of spying - from traditional tradecraft methodology, to the motives that induce individuals to commit espionage, this course will also touch upon the more controversial aspects of espionage, from "enhanced interrogations," to the ongoing debate over civil liberties vs. security. This course will also offer students a glimpse inside the world of the field operative and their targets - on both sides of the proverbial espionage divide.

Semester Available

Summer Semester

Principal Professor

   John R. Sano
Adjunct Professor; Former Deputy Director, National Clandestine Service, CIA {read more}