Violent Non-State Actors in Today's Security Environment

IWP 683
2 credits

Violent Non-State Actors (VNSAs) - more commonly called Armed Groups - have increasingly impacted state, regional, and international security. This course examines the major types of VNSAs - terrorists, insurgents, transnational organized criminals (TOCs), militias, and mercenaries - and their motivations. The second part of the course examines how VNSAs have impacted security at the state, regional, and international levels. The final portion of the course explores the strategies pursued by the United States (and other states or international organizations) and assesses the success/failure of those strategies to confront the threat posed by VNSAs.

Semester Available

Fall Semester
Summer Semester

Principal Professor

   Aaron A. Danis
Professor and Senior Analyst with the US Government {read more}