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Intern 3The Institute of World Politics
Washington, D.C.

Fall, Spring, and Summer Internship Program

About IWP

The Institute of World Politics is a graduate school devoted to the study of statecraft, national security, and international affairs. Statecraft is the use of the various instruments of power in service of national interests and purposes, including the cause of peace with freedom and justice. The Institute was founded to fill a major national need: to supply professional education in statecraft, national security, intelligence and foreign policy that no other school offers. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to play a vital role in assisting with the Institute's important mission.

About the Internship Program

Many foreign policy and national security professionals in Washington, D.C. begin their careers as interns. Our internship program will help you build a network of contacts in Washington, D.C.; become more familiar with various professional positions within the disciplines of national security, intelligence, and international relations; and attain valuable administrative and research experience that is vital to a successful career within government or the private sector. It is our sincere hope that you will find your internship with us pleasant, intellectually stimulating, and beneficial for your long-term plans. Whether you are considering pursuing graduate studies with us, or whether your internship here is part of a different career or educational plan, we want your time with us to be enjoyable and fruitful. The atmosphere of IWP is unique: while we pursue serious education and research in matters of national importance, we value a spirit of collegiality, good humor, and teamwork. At heart, the Institute's mission is the education of a new generation of leaders in statesmanship, and you will find that our faculty, staff, and students embrace this mission personally and will seek to include you in it fully.


Professional Research Assignment

Contingent upon the availability of professors and the scope of their respective needs, interns will be selected based on their strengths and interests -- i.e. terrorism, human rights advocacy, or Cold War studies -- for a personal research assignment with a member of the faculty. This position will give you the opportunity to work individually with one of our scholar practitioners on their current research projects. You will have the opportunity to take part in cutting-edge work in the fields of national security, international affairs and strategic intelligence. It should be noted that this will not take the place of your other academic or administrative obligations and will require effective time management skills.

Operational/Administrative Duties

Your duties at IWP will vary. You will be assigned to one of IWP's scholar-practitioner professors and their research project for the given semester. Everyone is required to serve at least two administrative "shifts" per week in which you'll be answering phones, assisting in the library, or assisting our development staff on the third floor. Please note that the morning "shift" is 9-1:30 PM and the afternoon "shift" is 1:30-6:30 PM. When on lobby duty, your tasks will be to greet visitors, answer the phones, sign for packages, and sort mail. Library duties include assisting our Librarian in tasks such as sorting and cataloging books, organizing shelves, and facilitating the checking out of books. Those assigned to work with the development staff should report to Katie Bridges, Alumni and Communications Officer at IWP and Kevin Dunne, Public Outreach and Events Coordinator who will administrate your daily and weekly duties.

The Institute regularly hosts special events, such as luncheons (both large and small), lectures, open houses, and the like. These events generally require a number of interns -- in addition to other staff members -- reconfiguring the Institute's first-floor classrooms, setting up chairs, arranging glasses, carrying drinks, etc. There may be occasions when you are required to stay after 6 to assist. These events are set well in advance and everyone should expect to participate in each event - in other words, be prepared for us to call for "all hands on deck."


Class Audits

Each intern is normally required to audit one [4 credit] course during their time at IWP. Interns are expected to attend every class and submit the writing assignments to the professor. However, given that some interns during the fall and spring semesters have existing academic obligations with their respective undergraduate institutions, the audit and writing assignments may be waived. It is highly recommended that interns take advantage of IWP classroom opportunities to ensure that they get the most out of their time here. Those interns who are interested in this opportunity must indicate their desire along with the classes they wish to audit on page 5. Those who complete the work and receive a grade will receive reserve credit at IWP if they chose to enroll in IWP after their internship. Students who take classes for credit (vs. auditing) may apply no more than 8 credit hours towards their degree completion requirements. These credits are awarded in the students final semester as an MA candidate.

Think Tank Lectures

Another important aspect of your research activity will be attending seminars and lectures at other institutions in Washington. Elsewhere in this handbook you will find a listing of some of the think-tanks and educational organizations that routinely sponsor noteworthy events. Many of these events are posted on bulletin boards around IWP; others may come to your attention via websites or email.

Private Lectures

From time to time, IWP's own distinguished friends and faculty will provide a briefing on national security related issues for the intern program. These are excellent opportunities to sit in an intimate learning environment, free of the distractions and pressure of a larger class setting. These events will allow you to sit in with the professor and ask questions and seek advice on your own research and professional interests. Generally these will be held around 12pm and lunch may be provided.

Career Development

Interning at IWP can be the beginning of a long and prosperous career in national security, intelligence, and international affairs. In order to help you in your career pursuits, you will have full access to IWP's Career Services Coordinator, Derrick Dortch. Mr. Dortch is an expert in career counseling for those seeking work in national security, intelligence, and international affairs, and is available to assist you all aspects of the career exploration process.

Point of Contact

Adam Smith
Recruitment Officer and Internship Coordinator
Office: 202-462-2101 ext. 117

Alcohol Policy

Over the course of your time here, IWP will have events during which alcohol is served. Those interns who are under the legal drinking age of 21 will refrain from the consumption of alcohol at all times while on IWP grounds. Those who are of age are allowed to do so in moderation. However, any interns found to be intoxicated will be removed from the grounds and may be subject to termination.