The IWP Internship Experience: Anthony Myers

Anthony MyersI interned at the Institute of World Politics during the fall of 2009. Meanwhile, I was at Georgetown University taking classes as part of a Fund for American Studies program. I have a double major in Journalism and Political Science, with minors in History and Economics. During my stay at IWP, the focus of my research involved Islamic fundamentalism. I am working towards a career in civil service in national security, and I intend to start a Masters Degree in national security in the winter of 2011.

I decided to join IWP as an intern because I thought it would the perfect place to figure out what type of civil service career I wanted to pursue. Indeed, the Institute gave me a chance to see the possibilities offered to people in the civil service. What I appreciated about the internship the most was the opportunity to network with people who are working in the civil service, and as well as people who had an impact on modern history and the modern world. The internship allowed me to stretch my wings and helped me figure out my future and the focus of the rest of my life. The most memorable experiences as an intern were the field trips to different iconic locations in the Washington D.C. area. My favorite spots included the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, the Washington National Cathedral, and Arlington Cemetery.

- Andrew Myers, IWP Intern, Fall 2009