The IWP Internship Experience: Tatjana Slijepcevic

TatjanaMy internship experience at The Institute of World Politics has had an enormous impact on my personal and professional growth and development. Not only has it confirmed the outstanding reputation of The Institute of World Politics, but it has greatly exceeded all my expectations.

I truly enjoyed every minute of my internship at the Institute, where I immensely deepened both my academic and practical knowledge in many different ways. IWP is a unique place where I have seen an incredible concentration of expertise, and where I interacted with outstanding intellectuals and practitioners whom I admired very much.

Besides the practical experience my fellow interns and I gained during the internship's hours, we all widened our academic horizons through excellent lectures at IWP and were taught by highly knowledgeable professors who provided us with theories, practical advice and tools that would be very useful in future education or a career. I especially liked that the internship encourages interns to be actively engaged in numerous panels and conferences in Washington DC. As a result, I met people from political life and academia whom I could not meet in any other place. For instance, I was very glad to meet Professor Timothy Garton Ash, whose lecture I attended few years ago, but only through a video conference. A panel at the Brookings Institution where Professor Garton Ash was one of the speakers was a unique opportunity to speak to him and exchange opinions in person. 

The internship was also an opportunity for me to come and live in the United States. For a short time I have been a part of a diverse mosaic of cultures, religions, and traditions coexisting harmoniously in this fascinating country. I broadened my knowledge of the country's history from its inception to modern times; I became much better acquainted with the political scene and significance of the role the US plays in international affairs. Most importantly, I witnessed the American founding values of democracy, freedom, and equality for which I have outstanding appreciation.

What I appreciated and enjoyed most of all was meeting an exceptional group of other interns. It has been a privilege to be a part of a group of extraordinary talents who, with their clarity and brilliance, have taken an in-depth look at the wide range of issues we face today and made great contributions in finding the best solution for each one of them.

I am truly grateful to IWP for creating such a venerable intern body, composed of both American and international students, who all - and I have absolutely no doubt about this - will build brilliant careers, and whom we will respect and be very much proud of. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the IWP family for making this internship a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.  I would wholeheartedly recommend other students to embrace the opportunity and bask in the excellence of the IWP internship program.

-Tatjana Slijepcevic, IWP Intern Fall 2009