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Dr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz speaks on Islam and the Middle East

Dr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, professor at The Institute of World Politics, gave a lecture on Islam on April 21 for Providence Magazine.

His lecture was an exploration of the history of Islam, starting with the Byzantine Empire and explaining some of the religions of pre-Islamic Arabia, such as Zoroastrianism, Paganism, and Polytheism. Dr. Chodakiewicz also described the evolution of Islam and the differences that arose between Sufi, Sunni, and Shia Islam, and the different traditions, rituals, and practices of each. He explained that Islam spread to different continents through conquest and trade. Dr. Chodakiewicz’s lecture also covered how Islam’s historical developments affect geopolitics today.

Dr. Chodakiewicz writes weekly columns for popular Polish press and contributes to the SELOUS Foundation and has also published on foreign policy in various venues, including The Journal of World Affairs, American Spectator, and National Review Online.

The full video can be watched here.