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Certificate and Continuing Education application deadlines: Friday, January 5
Late Registration deadline: Friday, January 12

Courses (Alphabetically)

Advanced Writing and Research Seminar (Marek Chodakiewicz)
American Intelligence for the 21st Century (Kenneth deGraffenreid)
The Art of Diplomacy (Thomas P. Melady)
Civil Society Building: The Challenges of Corruption and Extremism (Juliana Geran Pilon)
Chinese Grand Strategy: Foreign and Military Policy (Ross H. Munro)
Comparative Intelligence Systems (John Dziak)
Counterintelligence in a Democratic Society (David Thomas)
Economics for Foreign Policy Makers (Norman Bailey)
Geography & Strategy (Marek Chodakiewicz)
Ideas and Values in International Politics (Joshua Muravchik)
Immigration and National Security (David Burgess)
International Relations, Statecraft and Integrated Strategy (John Lenczowski, with David M.L. Klocek)
History of International Relations (John J. Tierney, Jr.)
Military Strategy: The Theory and Art of War (Walter Jajko)
Public Diplomacy and Political Warfare (J. Michael Waller)
Russian Politics and Foreign Policy (Marek Chodakiewicz, with John Lenczowski)
Spies, Subversion, Terrorism and Influence Operations (Robert Stephan)
Strategic Information Warfare (John J. Yurechko)
Strategic Weapons Proliferation: History, Technology, and Policy Limited enrollment only
(Henry Sokolski)
Terrorism and Counterterrorism (Christopher Harmon)
Twentieth Century Politics and Diplomacy (John J. Tierney, Jr.)
U.S. Foreign Policy: Contemporary and Future Challenges (John J. Tierney, Jr.)