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IWP Student Irene Karedis: Graphic designer with a future in international affairs

Irene KaredisDr. John Lenczowski didn’t necessarily have entrepreneurship in mind when he founded The Institute of World Politics, but apparently he succeeded in the case of one IWP student.  Irene Karedis, after attending Dr. Waller’s Public Diplomacy and Political Warfare class, was so inspired by the discussion about communicating to people through images, that, in April 2008, she founded her own graphic design company.

At Zelle Designs, she was able to devote her working hours to this type of communication, while taking classes and enjoying the community at IWP. Irene, however, is getting ready to graduate in May, is wrapping up her last design projects, and getting ready to continue her career in international relations – for which she reports that “I feel very equipped.”

Irene’s broad goal is to work on improving the relationship of the United States with other nations, and to see countries prosper through this enhanced relationship. She feels that America is a great nation, but that it needs to work on its strategic communications with foreign countries and publics. She spent a summer studying Arabic in Egypt during her undergraduate time, and is especially interested in working in or with Egypt or other Middle Eastern countries.

When asked what advice she would give to new students at IWP, Irene would advise, “Dig in! The access to these professors and content matters. It’s something that is worth taking time and effort to take full advantage of. Enjoy – really enjoy the professors and classes. Use this opportunity to sharpen your mind.”

 Photo courtesty of A.E.Landes Photography,