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Meet Daniel Acheson: Scholarship recipient and future policy analyst

Daniel AchesonIWP student Daniel Acheson has always been interested in history and politics. After traveling from his hometown of Port Angeles, Washington to Steubenville, Ohio to study these subjects at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, he decided that he wanted to continue his studies at a graduate level. He wanted both to deepen his knowledge of these subjects and to develop the skills necessary for a practical job in foreign policy.

During an internship at The Institute of World Politics, he fell in love with the Institute, its academic programs, and the city of Washington: “I found that the internship cemented my calling to get a degree in statecraft and national security – it really engaged my background and personal interest in history and political science.” Daniel worked closely with President John Lenczowski, Vice Dean David Klocek, and Vice President for Institutional Advancement Tricia Lloyd. “Working with them really helped cement my desire to attend IWP for graduate school.”

Now enrolled at the Institute a student, Daniel continues to enjoy IWP’s opportunities for research, its professors, and the opportunities to attend lectures throughout the city. Right now, he is taking National Security Policy Process, where he and his classmates are learning how policy develops from an idea into an actual policy.

He finds that “Prof. Tsagronis is phenomenal – he brings a background that is perfect for the class. He helps us develop our writing and analytical skills, and helps us to understand the environment we’ll be working in and how to navigate it. He help us look at this process with a realistic view, and understand that policy decisions are not based on an org chart. Instead, personal bias and relationships can really affect these decisions.”

Daniel is also taking Military Strategy this semester, where he is studying the development of military strategy and history from the time of Sun Tzu to the modern age. Recently, COL Larry Wortzel, an expert on China, spoke to Daniel’s class to give a perspective on the dynamic and evolving way in which military theory is viewed and put into practice today in the U.S. and China.

Daniel, who was recently married in July 2010, is excited to wrap up his degree in three semesters and begin working in his field full time. He wants to work in the policy area, and particularly hopes to become an analyst at the State Department. His IWP education will have prepared him well for this work.

Daniel is grateful to the members of the 1947 Club who support student scholarships and make possible his studies at IWP!