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Meet IWP student Nate Anderson

Hillsdale taught me why the American idea is worth protecting. Here at IWP, we learn that as well, but we also learn how to protect our country.
– Nate Anderson, IWP Class of 2014

Nate AndersonNate Anderson grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and attended Hillsdale College, where he majored in political science and history and minored in business. While there, he wrote opinion pieces for the student newspaper, and worked during the summers. During his senior year, he took a class on Origins of War, where he read works by Donald Kagan, learned about the Peloponnesian War, studied some modern warfare, and discovered his own deep interest in foreign policy. 

After graduation, Nate joined a congressional campaign, and after a successful primary election, realized that he may be moving to Washington to continue to work for this Congressman. He researched graduate schools for international affairs in the DC area, and applied to IWP. He was pleased to find a school that valued the Western tradition that he had come to appreciate so much through his undergraduate studies. 

Nate now works as a Legislative Correspondent for his Congressman, in which capacity he helps draft responses to constituent questions. He also does some work with financial services legislation. 

“IWP has been great so far,” says Nate. He began at IWP last fall, and has been there for two semesters part time, taking two four-credit classes per semester. “I’ve had a chance to talk to all of my professors, and meet a lot of the staff. It’s a small school, so students are close knit.” He has also learned that, “When IWP presents its raison d’être, it’s not just for a marketing perspective. There is really something unique at this school.” 

Working and taking classes has not been easy, though. “It has been busy,” Nate says. “It helps that class doesn’t start until 6:30, so it fits around your work schedule for the most part. I’m often doing reading and writing papers on the weekends, so I have to budget my time wisely.”

Nate is currently in the midst of finals for his classes on “Intelligence and Policy” and “Public Diplomacy and Political Warfare,” and he is finishing up a research project on the “Sacred Sword of the Patriot’s League,” a North Vietnamese liberation group that the CIA invented during the Vietnam war.  Nate has been learning about how the US would take North Vietnamese people to an island, brief them about this fictitious group, and send them back into Vietnam to spread the idea about this organization.

Eventually, Nate says, “I’d like to work on one of the foreign affairs or intelligence committees on the Hill, where I could have a chance to apply what I’m learning here on a daily basis.”