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Reflections upon graduation

I always had a passion for political science and government-to-government relations, and after getting my Master’s in Finance from ESSCA, a French Business School, I knew I wanted to combine both my skills and knowledge in finance and business with my deep interest for international affairs. IWP stood out from other institutions because of its unique curriculum, professorial corps comprised of outstanding practitioners that have served in the most prestigious American positions, the opportunity to design individualized programs, and its size that made me feel comfortable from the first day I entered the Marlatt Mansion.

The Institute of World Politics offers students, academics, scholars, and the like a safe haven in the heart of America’s vibrant capital, and it has been an honor to have attended such an inspiring institution. My education at IWP has been a constant learning process, and I have felt challenged intellectually on a regular basis. As a student in the Statecraft and International Affairs program, specializing in Comparative Political Culture, I had the chance to learn about topics such as public diplomacy, international relations, intelligence, democratization and nation-building, cultural implications for strategy, Western moral traditions, various regional studies, and many other intriguing courses.

Through the classes I took and the lectures I attended at The Institute of World Politics, I have enriched my knowledge of international affairs, learned how to utilize the tools of statecraft to elaborate an integrated strategy, as well as grasped the moral values and ethics that are the foundations of Western civilization. IWP has contributed to my professional growth, but also enlightened me on the value of national pride and the importance of civic duty. I have become more aware and thankful for the sacrifices of our armed forces servicemen and women and other public service officers who work tirelessly to defend their countries as well as the Western values we all hold so dear. 

Coming to IWP, I was able to deepen my international exposure while also pursuing one of my dreams: to live in and more intimately learn about the United States. Hailing from France, I have developed in-depth knowledge about America’s political system, foreign policy instruments, and intelligence and military capabilities. This education has also allowed me to learn more about the similarities and differences between the U.S. and Europe, a point of view that has been invaluable to my career search thus far. As a result, I am well prepared to bridge the divide between the different countries and, I look forward to working on sound diplomatic relationships between countries and their respective institutions, which share so many values and ideals.

As my time at IWP comes to an end, I now feel prepared for real life challenges and know that I have the capacity to adapt and benefit from new professional opportunities. I want to thank my family for their constant support and encouragement. I also thank all the professors with whom I had the opportunity to study, the prestigious guest lecturers that took time to share their knowledge with the IWP community, IWP’s administration and staff, Doctor Lenczowski for his extraordinary vision that is the foundation of the institution, and all those who believed in and supported the mission of the school. Finally, I want to thank my fellow students from the 2011, 2012, and 2013 classes for making my American experience a fun, rewarding, and unforgettable one. I wish everyone the best of luck and success in their professional path and I hope that one-day, we all can prove the value of the IWP education in critical leadership positions in our respective fields.

Charlotte Bouchot
Class of 2012