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IWP alumni contribute to book on #CyberDoc

#CyberdocThis past summer, IWP student Amanda Williams and alumni J. Cushman Laurent, Casey Bassett, and Travis Rumans attended a conference on cyber doctrine. The conference, organized by the Batelle Memorial Foundation and the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, was part of an effort to produce a book on a doctrine for the cyber era entitled #CyberDoc: No Border-No Boundaries. The IWP participants contributed to the book by working with other students to compile the conference report, which forms the book’s final chapter.

Randall M. Fort, IWP supporter and guest lecturer, and Ronald A. Marks, IWP supporter, contributed chapters to the book and participated in the conference.  Michelle Van Cleave, IWP guest lecturer and PASS:PORT faculty member, also attended the conference. 

“Cyber is the new black,” comments Travis, who is working to increase IWP’s involvement in cyber issues.  An overview of the book, edited by Michael Swetnam and Tim Sample, is available at the Potomac Institute’s website.

#CyberDoc is also available from Amazon.