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IWP alumnus Benjamin Fricke asks: Is this the end of the “Euroideology”?

The op-ed below by IWP alumnus Benjamin Fricke was published by the Political Development Research Center, where Mr. Fricke serves as Analyst of EU Affairs and German Foreign Policy.

Is this the end of the “Euroideology”?

One month after the European election the new challenges in the European political system become more apparent than ever. Great Britain’s David Cameron is fighting against Jean Claude Juncker to become president of the European Parliament and even threatened to make Britain exit the E.U. altogether. Juncker represents European politics that drives irreversible and unconditional integration forward, “step by step until there is no more return” as Juncker once said himself. However, with the economic and currency crisis prevailing in Europe the eurosceptic and reformist parties make their voices heard. The crisis is not over and Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has started to think about a third bailout package for Greece.

This development is in accordance to what the peoples of Europe who cast their vote in the E.U. election had expected; false promises about economic recovery, a currency that is worthless for saving and continuing transfer of funds from the north to the mismanaged southern economies for which the euro is too strong.

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