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Alumnus Eugene Poteat mentioned in Polish media

On April 11 — one day following the fifth anniversary of the Smolensk Plane Crash — the Polish website published an article highlighting IWP alumnus Eugene Poteat’s trail-blazing role in the investigation ensuing after the disaster. The article states that:

“The retired CIA officer (…) takes an interest in plane crashes because he happens to be a pilot himself. Poteat said that following the crash of the Tupolev plane carrying the Polish president [and his entourage] by Smolensk (Russia), he conducted a private investigation which contradicted the official [‘pilot error’] version. The American emphasized that the Russian accusations appearing after the crash — claiming that the Polish pilot did not know Russian — are simply false. He also underlined that the Russians cleared up [i.e. contaminated] the crash site in great haste and pointed out the condition of the wreckage itself:

‘Parts of the aircraft were strewn about over a large area, and these were very small fragments. (…) It is highly probable that there was simply a bomb onboard.’

How is this connected to the recent revelations by German journalist, Jűrgen Roth, who claimed that the airplane was destroyed by an explosion? The German bases his claims on a note that he supposedly received from a source in the German intelligence community. In any case, Poteat’s and Roth’s versions converge, but – in spite of the information revealed by them – the Polish governmental investigation was closed.”

To read the Polish-language article, please click here